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The Snatched sculpting bodysuit is the ultimate solution for achieving a flawless, streamlined figure. Designed to provide utmost comfort while contouring your core and perking your butt, the high compression technology on our soft and breathable fabric offers unparalleled support to flatten the tummy and accentuate your curves for a super snatched look.

The seamless finishing also allows it to be hidden under any body-hugging outfits while accentuating the beautiful body curves. It's sleek silhouette and strategic contouring instantly transforms your body, giving you the sculpted silhouette you desire.

Details (Features): 

  • High Compression on Target Areas (Waist, Tummy, Thighs)

  • Butt Lift Design

  • Discreet Aperture Designed for Convenient Restroom Access.

  • Moisture Wicking

  • Seamless Design


Perfect Fit Measurement is a personalized service where our measurements team will perform the fitting for you at the comfort of your home to ensure you start off with the perfect size