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The Shape, our Signature product, is the essential starter for every waist trainer beginner. Experience unparalleled support and flexibility with the 9-soft steel bones strategically placed throughout the trainer, ensuring maximum shaping and posture correction while allowing for freedom of movement. 

This product trims the waist fat pockets and helps to tuck in tummy pouches to accentuate the natural body curves. Additionally, the three rows of hook-eye closures provide customizable compression levels, ensuring a snug fit that adapts to your body's natural curves and enhances your silhouette.

For optimal results, pair The Shape with The Fix in our exclusive Shaping Bundle. Follow the 8-week regime to achieve more effective and lasting results, ensuring your waist training journey is both successful and sustainable.

Details (Features): 

  • 9 soft steel boned shaper

  • 3 rows of hook and eye (2 - 2.5 inches)

  • Spandex material for a luxurious finishing 

  • Lined with Nylon for comfort


Perfect Fit Measurement is a personalized service where our measurements team will perform the fitting for you at the comfort of your home to ensure you start off with the perfect size