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Our shaping secret lies with a delicately curated 8 week regime that focuses on postnatal shaping which is simple and convenient to follow through. Combining the use of our signature products, we address every target areas precisely


The Essentials Bundle Package Includes:

The Shape + The Slim Duo + Postpartum Regime Card

(Personalised Home Fitting Service is available)


Target Areas of Concern: 

  • Widened Pelvic Bones
  • Flattening of Mum Tum*
  • Reducing Post Birth Water Retention
  • Improving Lower Body Blood Circulation
  • Slimming & Contouring of Hips & Thighs

*The Essentials Bundle is only recommended for mummies with a mild tummy issues, for more tummy control, please select the Intensive Bundle


How does it work?

Recommended by Gynaecologists, the bundle products provide the abdominal support for post-birth shaping, crucial for recovery and slimming 

  •  The waistshapers targets the midsection - focusing on waist, tummy and pelvic - to support & flatten the mum tum and closes the widened pelvic bone
  • The medical grade compression shaperpants targets the lower body - focusing on thighs, hips and calves - to reduce post-birth swelling/ water retention & the slimming and contouring of thighs and calves
  •  It comes with a expertly-crafted 8 weeks regime card where you will be guided on how to wear the products and the number of hours to wear for best results


Expected Results over 8 weeks regime

  • Waist and Tummy Inch loss
  • Reduced post-birth swelling/ water retention
  • Thighs Inch loss
  • Minimally 1 size down from date of fitting


Perfect Fit Measurement is a personalized service where our measurements team will perform the fitting for you at the comfort of your home to ensure you start off with the perfect size