What is Waist Training?

What is Waist Training?

Waist training is a way to sculpt your body using a tight-fitting corset to cinch your midsection for a curvier, accentuated body silhouette. This has been an effective practice throughout history and is gaining more traction and popularity due to its visible results.

At Lazywaist, we wish to provide our customers with all the necessary information that help them determine the most suitable shapewear. In this post, we will share the true science behind waist training and how it works, the benefits and much more!



The history and origin of Waist training dates back to its roots back in the 15th century where Corsets, were seen as a definition of beauty, commonly used by women to achieve the slender figure. In the Victorian era, Corsets were an indispensable fashion undergarment where many pined over the idea of obtaining a smaller waist to resemble the iconic hourglass shape.



Fats Compression. With the use of soft steel boning structure, the body is tightly wrapped in compression to sculpt the body through fats redistribution to the bust and hips. Similar to the "Braces and Retainers" concept, Waist Trainers help mould the waist shape with its structure and design, for a curvier silhouette.

Understanding the science has allowed us to identify the most effective process for amazing results - Lazywaist curates a regime for every of our product to guide our customers on a safe and effective waist training journey.



It's important to separate myths from facts in order to make informed decisions about waist training, or any exercises or fashion trend for that matter.

Myth- Waist training is a quick fix for weight loss
Truth is, our waist trainers do not help you to lose weight, but instead, it helps you to shape and sculpt your waist. Reportedly for some who have lost weight, the compression of waist trainer helps reduce their meal intake as the allowance for bingeing is now greatly reduced.

Myth- Waist training is uncomfortable and can damage your organs
Waist trainers can be comfortable and definitely safe or even beneficial when done correctly. Paired with the right materials and our Lazywaist curated regimes, we ensure visible results when the waist trainers are worn the correct way for the right amount of time.

Myth- The Waist Trainers looks so tight to even breathe or eat with it!
Your Waist Trainer should be snug and should not cause any discomfort. With the 
help of modern materials, Waist Training has evolved and doesn’t require the level of intensity to achieve results like they did back then.

Selecting the right size for your body helps to create the most flattering results. A waist trainer that doesn’t fit will not be comfortable or effective.




Many people practice waist training for both aesthetic and health benefits. Aesthetically, it can help you achieve an hourglass figure with a smaller waist and shapely curves.

Posture - Waist trainers are also beneficial when it comes to posture, as they provide support to your lower back which can help you maintain a good posture throughout the day which reduces the occurrences of aches and pains! 

Engages Core - Waist trainers keeps your midsection tight and inline, and aids in the engagement of your core muscles while tightening the core muscles!

Postpartum Recovery - In our study and research, we have noticed the wonders of using these mild compression Waist Trainers in the recovery for a postpartum body. The compression provides the mommy tummy the support on the core muscle recovery, while the flexible soft steel bones helps with the closure of the expanded abdominal muscles and floating ribs preventing issues such as diastasis recti. A simple yet extremely effective use case!

With consistent use, a proper diet, and exercise, waist training can result in a tighter abdomen and a slimmer waistline. Nonetheless, it is always best to consult a healthcare professional before embarking on the waist training journey.



The key to safe body sculpting and sustainable results is understanding your body and doing so progressively and gradually. 

Pairing with our signature products, The Shaping Bundle, expertly-crafted regimes were developed to deliver targeted shaping for all body shapes and personalised to help achieve your desired body goals, safely and effectively. 


The Shape and The Fix

The Shape, a waist trainer enclosed with soft flexible boning, is designed to provide compression that helps to sculpt and shape your waistline as you gradually decrease the hook sizes to achieve an hourglass figure.

This product targets the love handles, tummy flabs and trims the waist fat pockets by tucking in tummy pouches to accentuate your natural body curves.

The Fix, a double-layered zipped shaper that is 1.5 inches smaller than the Shape, allows for an effective yet less intrusive experience. Using its material properties, it helps to create a tight hold on your midsection while providing heat retention for increased sweat production.

This product is ideal for those looking for an effective waist training solution that is gentle and comfortable. With this shaper, you can experience the full benefits of waist training with no hassle!


Designed to work together for optimal waist training results, this duo helps in both shaping and sculpting the body and the maintenance work after. Similar to the "Braces and Retainers" concept, the Shape helps mould the waist shape with its structure and design for a curvier silhouette while the Fix helps in fixing and retaining the body shape so it doesn't rebound.

At Lazywaist, we believe that everyone should have access to quality products that not only look great but are also safe and comfortable. So if you’re looking for an effective and reliable way to train your waist, we've got you covered!

Shop with us today and discover the perfect waist trainer for your needs!

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